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On Top of the World is an amusing, informative and entertaining account of the highs and lows endured while travelling through the awe inspiring kingdom of the ice bear. A fascinating travelogue, the book is illustrated throughout with Pollyanna's paintings.The book tells the story of her two painting expeditions into the frozen wastelands of the north, accompanied by her daughter and business partner Anna-Louise. These two slim blondes are probably the least likely arctic adventurers ever - but embarked on their remarkable expeditions in order to enable Pollyanna to sketch wild polar bears in their natural habitat. By experiencing some of the most remote regions of the planet Pollyanna feels she is able to portray wildlife in a uniquely compelling way, and bring an unmistakable accuracy and reality to her work.

"Pollyanna is a gifted painter who has transported me on an unforgettable journey .......also congratulations to Anna-Louise who has written such a beautiful book"

Brigitte Bardot

"A delightful book"

Alan Titchmarsh.

"On top of the World is a fascinating account of two women's experiences in the high arctic.... this is a very personal acount written with great insight and humour. On Top of the world is a worthy successor to the highly acclaimed Giant pandas and Sleeping with their previous book this one is filled with wonderful illustrations."

Wildscape magazine


Book size :25cm x 25cm

182 pages

Every page is fully illustrated in colour

Foreword by Brigitte Bardot

Preface by Billy Connolly

Price : 29.95


In stock


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