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This lavishly illustrated book, tells the remarkable story of Pollyanna's unique journey into China to study and paint the giant panda. It will enchant art and nature lovers alike while providing an insight into the an area of the world which is shrouded in mystery.

The book is written as a travelogue, based on extracts from Anna-Louise's diary, each page illustrated with her photographs and Pollyanna's sketches. the rewards of the journey can be seen in the stunning portfolio of 21 original paintings reproduced at the end of the book.

In 1998 Anna-Louise was honored to be a finalist in the cosmopolitan magazine Woman of Achievement awards for the writing and photography of this book.

“It is rare to find a book that captures the essence of a place so vividly as Giant pandas and Sleeping dragons... as close as one can get to boarding a flight to western China tomorrow and then traveling to the shrinking habitat of the Giant panda in the most easterly edge of Tibet's plateau, a delve into this book is the next best thing."

Stuart Chapman,
Conservation Officer WWF

“I opened the book and saw the endearing, enchanting images of Pollyanna's pandas,. I began to read Anna-Louise's fascinating, amused and informed diaries, and I knew I was about to travel with them both on an unforgettable and perhaps unrepeatable journey.......”

Virginia McKenna,
Actress and founder of the Born Free Foundation

"This is a beautifully compiled and attractive book. It is easy to read and carries the reader on the journey as the artists experience the joys of discovering new cultures, making new friends and above all, finding the elusive giant pandas in their natural habitat"

Wildscape magazine

"An engrossing story of Pollyanna’s trip to China with her daughter, Anna-Louise, this book is a wonderfully perceptive and at times witty diary of the two women’s experiences in a remote region of China previously off-limits to Westerners."

Editor, The Owl Barn

"A Gorgeous Book"

Joanna Lumley


Book size :25cm x 25cm

159 pages

Every page is fully illustraed in colour

Foreword by Virginia McKenna

Preface by Stuart Chapman WWF

Price : £29.95


In stock


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